California STEP provides the opportunity for medium and large companies to participate in “California Pavilions” and trade missions, leveraging the platform and marketing activities. The following form is to be used by companies that DO NOT meet the SBA small business criteria, however would like to participate in California STEP sponsored events:

California STEP Registration Form 2019 - medium and large companies

This form allows for medium and large size companies to register for STEP and participate in STEP activities; bearing the full costs of such participation.
  • STEP Registration for Medium and Large Enterprises

    • 1. California STEP welcomes participation by medium and large companies to participate in our "California" platforms at major international exhibitions, even if you do not qualify as a small business, the only difference, is that as a medium or large enterprise your firm will need to cover full costs of participation. The SBA definition of a small business, who would be eligible for subsidies can be found at the following link: SBA size standards found at 13 C.F.R. Part 121
    • A criteria for participation, regardless of firm size, Is that the company must be exporting goods or services of U.S. Origin or that have atleast 51% or more U.S. content.
  • California STEP Registration

  • Please list the name of the primary contact; a company name rather than a person's name will result in an incomplete registration and will not be considered for review.
  • Please list all that apply.
  • Please identify the most recent year.
  • Please list all that apply.
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